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U.S. Fed Tapering
Since December last year, the U.S. Federal Reserve has started the process of the much-talked about tapering, thanks to some positive data coming out from the U.S. Although the tapering is a surprise to few, the emerging markets are now faced with a twin problem. How much headwinds will Asia experience due to the monetary policy normalization in the U.S. and will China see a more pronounced slowdown as data have been indicating? These two issues have been moving financial markets, with emerging markets currencies coming under pressure, China related commodities taking beating and emerging markets equities continuing their decline from last year. How much should we read on the tapering and China's slowdown, and what does it mean for investors in 2014?
Join our experts as they present their views on the global and regional impact of the U.S. Fed Tapering
The challenges Central Banks are facing globally as they need to rein in on loose monetary policy.
Will Asian currencies manage to hold their ground in a rising U.S. interest rate environment?
How well prepared are the Asian economies and is de-coupling from the West a reality or a myth.
China RMB Internationalization, India Rupee outlook with Mid-year elections, SEA currencies outlook.
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