Student Orientation, a program that is required for all new and transfer students, will help you prepare for your transition into tertiary education as well as the expectations, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Students are highly encouraged to attend the Student Orientation program so that you will be welcomed and introduced to NAA, learn about University of Adelaide’s resources and processes, and briefed on the Student Handbook. You will also receive an orientation pack comprising useful documents as well as memorabilia.

Communication Skills Guide Book

The Guide is tailor-made for the postgraduate students at the University of Adelaide. The Guide tells you what our lecturers expect and how you can meet their standards.

Online Enrolment

Students will evaluate their course in the form of student surveys conducted at the end of each course and at the end of each term. One of the evaluation tools used at the University is the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) system. The results of the surveys will provide the University and NAA an invaluable feedback for reviewing and improving the quality of the courses, the delivery and also our support and services.

NAA adopts the counseling service framework of the University of Adelaide to students enrolled in NAA.

Students enrolled in the NAA may seek academic counseling services from the University of Adelaide via NAA. Students may request for assistance to schedule a consultation with the appropriate academic staff at the university, i.e. the Academic Director or Programme Director to discuss and address any academic concerns.

Where cases are deemed to require more than academic advice, professional counseling services is available to all students. If a student wishes to speak to a counselor, an appointment can be made for him/her via the Student & Alumni Engagement department.

Please contact Student & Alumni Engagement department at

The Student and Alumni Engagement Department at NAA works hand in hand with the University of Adelaide to bring to our students useful workshops on academic writing and study skills workshops that will allow you to plan and carry out your coursework and assessments effectively, allowing you to realise your potential and to achieve academic success on your course during your time at NAA.

NAA Resource Centre

Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Centre Pte Ltd offers library services for all staff and students. The Resource Centre is located at Level 3 of NAA. It holds a collection of textbooks, as well as reference books, that supports the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes we offer.

Library Policies

1. Loans Rules

  • Students are allowed to borrow up to a maximum of 3 books for a period of 14 days.
  • Books must be borrowed in person at the Student Services.
  • Student must produce their Student Card, upon loan.
  • Students are responsible for all loans borrowed under their name and materials must be returned in good condition.
  • Returned items, which are mutilated or damaged, would have to be paid by the borrower.

2. Reservation

  • Books may only be reserved for a period of 5 working days; thereafter it shall be released for loan.
  • Reservation can be done through email at

3. Renewal

  • Renewal will be subjected to availability of books. Students may renew library books which are currently not being reserved.
  • Renewal period may be extended for only 14 days from due date.
  • Students may renew their books personally through email or via telephone.

4. Due/Overdue Items

  • All loans should be promptly returned, unless renewed.
  • Books may be returned at the Student Services during operating hours


Website Address
Details Operating Hours Helpline Number
Alcoholic Anonymous For those with alcohol issues 24 hours 6475 0890
Counselling and Care Centre For people with emotional, psychological and relationship issues By Appointment 6536 6366
Institute of Mental Health Mental health hospital 24 hours appointment 6389 22226389 2200
Mount Elizabeth – Charter’s Helpline For anyone with psychological, behavioural, emotional or addiction problems 24 hours 1800 738 9595
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) For emotional support and to prevent suicide. 24 hours 1800 221 4444
TOUCHLINE (Touch Youth Service) For youths who seek to be empowered in managing life issues Daily: 10am – 10pm 1800 377 2252