The Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships are awarded to outstanding candidates admitted into one of the following Programmes offered at Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Centre:

Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Commerce (inclusive of all specialisation tracks)
Bachelor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Nursing

Application Form

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  • Current student of the University of Adelaide programmes conducted in NAA.
  • Has been admitted into the following programmes. i.e. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM), Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BIE), Bachelor of Nursing (BN).
  • Open to Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents only.
  • Applicant should not be receiving bursaries or funding from their employers or any other organisation.
  • Outstanding academic results:
    • For full-time programme (BCOM), applicants must complete at least 4 courses with a minimum of 3 high distinctions / distinctions.
    • For part-time programme (BCS/ BIE/ BN), applicants must complete at least 3 courses with a minimum of 2 high distinctions / distinctions.
  • Good conduct with academic and/or professional supervisors’ reference/testimonial.
  • Financial position.
  • This is a bond-free scholarship.
  • The total value of the award is S$5,000.
  • Satisfactory academic performance is expected of the scholarship recipient.
  • Scholarship will cease with failure in any courses in the programme.
  • The awards of scholarship will be withdrawn if it is found that the information given in the application form is untrue or inaccurate.
  • Successful applicant can receive only one award within the same academic year from Ngee Ann Education Holdings.
  • More than one application may be submitted from members of one family but only one award may be given per family.
  • The number of scholarships awarded for the Programme each year will be the sole discretion of Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Holdings.
  • If no suitable candidate can be determined, no award will be made.
  • The Panel’s decision is final.
Application Period Application Start Date Application Closing Date Selection Month Award Given
A 1-Jul 31-Jul August September – October
B 1-Nov 30-Nov December – January January – February
  • Application Period A:
    • BCom – Students admitted and commenced in the programme in Trimester 3 in the preceding year or Trimester 1 in the current year.
  • Application Period B:
    • BCom – Students admitted and commenced in the programme in Trimester 2 in the current year.
    • BCS – Students admitted and commenced in the programme in Trimester 1/2/3 in the preceding year.
    • BIE – Students admitted and commenced in the programme in Term 3/4 in the preceding year or Term 1/2 in the current year.
    • BN – Students admitted and commenced in the programme in Semester 2 in the preceding year or Semester 1 in the current year.

* The above application period will be revised due to the teach out.

Each award is tenable for the whole programme period. Scholarship holders are required to pass every course for Scholarship payments to be maintained.

Sponsored by NAA, the Ngee Ann-Adelaide Most Outstanding Student Award is awarded to the most outstanding student for each of the UoA programmes offered at NAA.

No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.

Recipients of the Award for each programme as follow:

Master of Applied Finance
Yeo Junkeng Ronald

Master of Education
Lee Poh Suan

Bachelor of Computer Science
Soe Htike

Bachelor of Nursing
Deanna Rapi Santos

Bachelor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Tan Jovan