Ronnica Ng
Bachelor of Nursing


What were the factors that made you choose NAA to pursue your degree education?

Prior to my enrolment, I had researched in great depth on the plethora of nursing programmes available in the market place. What really attracted me to the programme offered by the University of Adelaide (UoA) through NAA was the prestige and reputation of its School of Nursing.

The School was awarded a highest score of ‘5’ in the first Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) process in 2010, one of the only 3 nursing departments in Australia to be awarded the top score. It was subsequently awarded a ‘5’ again in 2012 and 2015. These results confirm the School’s consistent broad research base which allows it to actively contribute to the nursing profession as well as to the community.

Additionally, the School is also rated the top nursing school in Australia for student satisfaction.

In short, I was confident that pursuing an education through NAA would best meet my needs for a highly reputable, word-class Australian degree in Singapore.

Can you share with us why you chose this programme?

Having compared the nursing programmes offered by the various universities, I was naturally drawn to UoA’s well-planned course structure and curriculum. Accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board, I was convinced that the programme would further enhance my knowledge by facilitating the effective integration of theory and practice through intensive lectures and laboratory classes.

It is noteworthy to also mention that the programme has been developed specifically in the context of the Singapore healthcare industry. As such, the content is highly relevant and can be applied almost immediately at our workplace, thereby bridging the gap between theory applications and hands-on practices for my patients.

With the knowledge gleaned from this programme, I look forward to scaling the corporate ladder and progressing onto future leadership roles upon graduation.

Are there any modules in particular that stand out? Why?

The Foundations of Nursing Practice was an intriguing module which I benefited immensely from and appreciate greatly. It has given me greater insights into the evolution of nursing knowledge, nursing management and even nursing leadership.

Highly inspired by the lecturers who often shared their experience and knowledge in this field, I would always go the extra mile of downloading countless research journals through the School’s huge repository of online learning resources which are all readily available to students enrolled in the programme, onto my mobile device and read them before I go to bed each night.

How has this programme benefited you and how is it relevant to your current job?

I learnt how to effectively use the evidence-based knowledge gained to make informed decisions when nursing my patients.

Ultimately, I hope to achieve better health outcomes and safe nursing practises with regards to patient safety.

Describe your learning experience in one sentence.

Similar to how one would describe a nursing career, this programme though challenging, is however extremely rewarding at the end of the day, when I successfully grasp the valuable knowledge to ensure better nursing practices for my patients.

Would you recommend this programme to others, and why?

Yes, I would highly recommend this programme to all nursing professionals who are keen in pursuing further academic development. Having classmates from different hospitals and heathcare experiences also facilitated my learning as we share the best practices in our own workplace and learn to apply them. Through such various class discussions, NAA offers a holistic learning experience which seeks to broaden one’s horizons.

What are your lecturers like and how do they enhance your learning?

Lectures are conducted by academics from the University of Adelaide who would fly in to Singapore for lessons. Hailing from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds and equipped with at least a relevant Master degree, they are always ready to share their extensive knowledge and experiences to develop nursing leaders of tomorrow.

The tutors are also exceptionally supportive, as they often encourage the students to engage actively in group activities and presentations which strengthened my knowledge through critical thinking.

Pick 1 value from NAA’s 5 values and how this value applies to you during your learning journey with NAA. (Choose from: Excellence / Leaders / Innovation / Teamwork / Ethics).

It would have to be ‘Ethics’ for me. Students are required to submit their assignments to an online educational application named turnitin which ensures that there is no plagiarism in the coursework.

This often reminds me to expand my scope of research when writing an assignment so that I would be able to grasp the topic with much depth and clarity. With that, it eases the process of writing for any assignment that I am given.

Why should potential students consider your school?

NAA has a supportive team of academic and non-academic staff who readily offer assistance during the course of study to collaboratively achieve an impactful and enriching learning experience for the students. The ever-friendly Student Services team also prides themselves in offering top-notch academic support and services.

The institution is also well-equipped with dedicated facilities designed to support lecturers’ and students’ needs. Classrooms are spacious and comfortable which offer a conducive environment for students to attend lectures or to engage in project discussions.

How has the scholarship helped you?

I am humbled to be the only Bachelor of Nursing recipient of the prestigious Ngee Ann Kongsi scholarship which substantially subsidise a huge amount of the entire programme fee.