Goh Hian Jing
Bachelor of Commerce (Management)


What were the factors that made you choose NAA to pursue your degree education?

NAA offers a fast track degree which allows me to have a time advantage over my peers. To top it off, University of Adelaide and Ngee Ann are veterans in their own expertise ;two prestigious entities that gained recognition. Graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic has taught me precious values, and I believe that it will be likewise for NAA.

Can you share with us why you chose this programme?

In this increasingly competitive society, it is important to learn to manage resources from the company with utmost care and be meticulous with details. Bachelor of Commerce – Management teaches students to be aware of the dynamics of an organization as well as handle various resources and conflicts so that the organization does not crumble. It is in my field of interest to learn about human resource management, hence this program greatly complements me.

Are there any modules in particular that stand out? Why?

Yes, with particular attention to Strategic Management. It teaches students to dissect an organization’s strategy and fit bits and pieces of information together to fully understand how the firm got to where it was today. It is interesting because you can see for example, how Google inculcates creativity and innovation as part of its core strategy to outbeat rivals.

How has this program benefitted you and how is it relevant to your current job?

This program taught me to be outspoken and honed my communication skills. In my field of work, I am often required to talk to existing clients, and training my communication skills in this program has benefited me with confidence. Certain modules like Systems Thinking taught me to see things as a whole instead of a particular unit and that has changed the way I view things. For instance, when a particular client faces a problem, I am able to find the root of the problem with ease and if possible, solve it on the spot for the client.

Describe your learning experience in one sentence.

It is without a doubt MARVELLOUS.

Would you recommend this programme to others and why?

Definitely, this school is prestigious and people here are willing to help each other excel. Most schools teach students to be competitive and chase grades, however in NAA, we’re taught to be competitive constructively and build our characters  so that we can all excel as a whole.

What are your lecturers like and how do they enhance your learning?

Different lecturers have different teaching styles, however, they are extremely genuine and passionate about teaching. That alone is a plus factor for me to be motivated to do my best.

Pick 1 value from NAA’s 5 values and how this value applies to you during your learning journey with NAA.

Choose from: Excellence / Leaders / Innovation / Teamwork / Ethics

Teamwork. As mentioned earlier, the school teaches us to excel as a whole. Hence, as students, we understood the importance of sharing ideas. Sharing ideas allows students to have different view points and therefore, can take understanding to a whole new level.

Why should potential students consider your school?

In NAA, our culture is to help each other excel. If the student is looking for a fun and enjoyable learning experience, look no further, join NAA!

How has the scholarship helped you?

It has made me more obliged to help existing students, in a sense, be more responsible towards them. This is helpful in personal development and hopefully, make me wiser in due time.