Chen Junwei
Master of Applied Finance


What were the factors that made you choose NAA to pursue your degree education?

The postgraduate programmes at NAA are perfectly tailored for working professionals as classes are conducted over intensive blocks of weekend lectures and tutorials. That was one of the main deciding factors for me as it meant minimum disruptions to my work schedule whilst pursuing a postgraduate degree.

In addition to being a member of Australia’s leading research universities (the Group of Eight), the global top 1% ranked UoA’s Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) awarded to less than 5% of the world’s business schools. NAA students undergo the same rigour and quality of the curriculum as our peers over at the Adelaide campus in Australia. This also means we receive the same sets of lecture notes and sit for the same examination papers. Students can be assured of the same high quality Australian education they receive at NAA.

Can you share with us why you chose this particular programme?

A programme recognised as a Chartered Financial Analyst programme partner, the Master of Applied Finance (MAF) programme captures more than 70% of the CFA curriculum, which will definitely help to lay a strong foundation if I decide to pursue a CFA qualification in future.

It also helps that the Adelaide Business School is internationally recognised as a leading provider of Accounting and Finance subjects by the QS World Ranking System. Upon completion of the programme, students will be equipped with critical financial skills and analytical tools which will enable them to make sound financial decisions for their organisation.

Are there any modules in particular that stand out? Why?

The Principal of Economics was an enjoyable module in my opinion. Classes were taught by Professor Lin Bing-Xuan who made extensive use of videos and real-life examples in his explanation to ensure that complex economics concepts were easy to grasp.

Another module which I thoroughly enjoyed was Real Estate Valuation and Investment. This is an elective which provides opportunities to interact with students from other academic programmes. Taught by Dr Chee Cheong, the highly engaging lecturer shared many of his own personnel experiences which enhanced my overall learning experience.

The group project also helped strengthen my research ability as it required us to perform the role of a Financial Advisor, helping our client to make optimal property investment decisions. The group project also bonded us closely as a team.

How has this programme benefitted you and how is it relevant to your current job?

Making financial decisions are part and parcel of our everyday lives. I strongly believe that this programme will help me make better monetary choices both professionally as well as on a personal level.

Describe your learning experience in one sentence.

The very experienced lecturers, extremely helpful course coordinators and classmates who hailed from various industries and different backgrounds, have all made my learning in NAA an enjoyable journey.

Would you recommend this programme to others and why?

I would definitely recommend the MAF programme to others who are searching to pursue a postgraduate finance-related course. In fact, I first heard of this programme from my wife who graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the same university. The MAF programme has indeed broadened my experience and skillsets.

What are your lecturers like and how do they enhance your learning?

The lecturers in the programme are specially flown in all the way from the Adelaide campus in Australia for classes here. Equipped with rich experiences in finance-related fields, they are recognised worldwide for their various academic achievements. Engaging and approachable, they often share their knowledge with real-life case studies to enhance our learning. They are also prompt to respond to all our queries via emails despite being in different geographical locations.

Pick 1 value from NAA’s 5 values and how this value applies to you during your learning journey with NAA. Choose from: Excellence / Leaders / Innovation / Teamwork / Ethics.

It would have to be ‘Teamwork’. As there is a group assignment component in almost every module in the programme. Through the group assignments, I had the privilege to work and learn from classmates from established companies across various industries, which made my learning journey at NAA more enriching and insightful.

Why should potential students consider your school?

UoA is a reputable university that has successfully produced many notable alumni and leaders both locally and internationally. The University is associated with five Nobel Prize winners and has produced over 100 Rhodes and more than 130 Fulbright scholars.

Embracing the ideal of global learning, UoA has also developed student exchange links with a number of overseas institutions in North and South America, Europe, UK and Asia. Students can choose to study overseas in any of these programmes where credits will be earned towards their degree.

How has the scholarship helped you?

Apart from a huge portion of my programme fee being subsidised, I believe this scholarship will help to enhance my resume for future career opportunities.