What is the Student Exchange?

The University of Adelaide has developed student exchange links with a number of overseas institutions in North and South America, Europe, UK and Asia. These programmes are suitable for students who wish to study overseas for one or two semesters, where credits will be earned towards their University of Adelaide degree.

Credit transfer involves seeking approval to study courses at your host university with the understanding that you will receive equivalent credit towards your University of Adelaide degree. Exact transfer of credit is negotiated between the student and their Faculty before the student leaves Australia.

Credit transfer is a crucial part of the exchange process, so please ensure you understand it clearly.

Host institution and the University of Adelaide must have a signed reciprocal agreement. For more information on Student Exchange Programme, please click here.


  • Enrolled as a University of Adelaide student for the last two semesters (not cross-institutional).
  • Have at least 24 units’ worth of grades showing on your transcript for a degree at the University of Adelaide.
  • Students should have achieved a credit average of 65% in completed courses (Some partner institutions require a higher average).
  • Students must have received faculty pre-approval for an exchange (obtained as a part of the application process).
  • Undergraduate results from a University of Adelaide degree may be considered when determining exchange eligibility for postgraduate students.

Previous academic programmes that have since been discontinued are not necessarily considered in this calculation.

When is it?

There are 2 commencement intakes every year, each lasting an approximate duration of 4-6 months:

Commencement Application Deadline
Semester 1 January / February June of preceding year
Semester 2 August / September October of preceding year

Course Fees

Course fees are subsidised at the NAA rate, subjected to GST.

For course fees, please refer to your respective degree programme fees.

An Exchange Application fee is applicable. Application fee terms & conditions can be found here.

Students will have to ensure that the course fees are paid prior to the trip. Besides the course fees, students will have to bear the cost of the student visa, health check-up, travel insurance, accommodation and air tickets.

How to Apply?

Express your interest with us. Application will be submitted to and processed by the Global Learning Office at Adelaide. Once nominated, students will have to prepare for an official application to the host university and seek for course credits approval. Upon the confirmation of application, students will receive a Letter of Acceptance / Confirmation from the host university. Students may proceed with the application for a Student Visa with the Letter of Acceptance issued by the host university.

Click here to download the Global Learning brochure.

Students are encouraged to express their interest in advance for a timely administration of the application process.