What is the Inbound Semester?

Get a chance to experience the student life at University of Adelaide! The programme offers an exciting opportunity for students to combine a high quality academic and cultural experience while living in the city of Adelaide. Head over to Adelaide and study for a semester / trimester during your course of study at NAA.

Students may enrol for 3 or 4 courses, with options to select cross-disciplinary courses during the period of study at the University of Adelaide.

Courses are held onshore at the University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus, Australia.

When is it?

There are a couple of commencement intakes each year:


Trimester 1 Commencement: Feb Application Deadline: 1st Nov of preceding year
Trimester 2 Commencement: May Application Deadline: 1st Apr
Trimester 3 Commencement: Sep Application Deadline: 1st Jul


Semester 1 Commencement: Feb Application Deadline: 1st Nov of preceding year
Semester 2 Commencement: Jul Application Deadline: 1st May

Course Fees

Course fees are subsidised at the NAA rate, subjected to GST.

For course fees, please refer to your respective degree programme fees.

Students will have to ensure that the course fees are paid prior to the trip. Besides the course fees, students will have to bear the cost of the travel visa, accommodation and air tickets.

How to Apply?

Express your interest with us. All applications will be submitted to and processed by the Inbound Study Abroad & Exchange office at Adelaide. Upon confirmation of your application, students will receive a Letter of Offer and Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Students may proceed with the application for a Student Visa with the COE issued.

Click here to download the Global Learning brochure.

Students are encouraged to express their interest 4 months prior to the commencement for a timely administration of the application process.